Global networks

High quality global connections via our worldwide architecture. Designed to be scalable, robust and yet adaptable to meet discerning needs. We serve you with the best mix.

Portability in 30 countries

Move your current phone number to us in 30 countries. We handle the whole transition on your behalf and the transfers are seemless. Now is the time.....Switch!

Custom integrations

Talk to one of our specialists about the prospects of integration your phone system and other software like CRM systems or hotel property management software.

At home in 60 countries

local support

We support you remotely and through our locally based technicians around the world.

global datacenters

With datacenters around the world, we are close to you and deliver very high quality services with low latency.

multilingual care

Our global support centers are staffed with close to 40 languages. Lets communicate in ways you are comfortable to.

A World Calling

We’re a major international telecom with partners and inter-connections designed to link you to the world and the world to you. With global headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, California and offices and representatives in London, Paris, Johannesburg,
and 65 other cities, we have people close to you who are committed to making you happy to rely on us.