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Welcome to AstraQom, Weston-super-Mare's business telecoms provider

AstraQom UK is a Business Telecommunications Services Provider offering services to companies serving Weston-super-Mare. We proudly offer Weston-super-Mare Cloud Hosted PBX, Weston-super-Mare SIP Trunks, Weston-super-Mare Live Answering Services, Weston-super-Mare Mass Voice, SMS and Broadcast, Weston-super-Mare Automated Survey ,Weston-super-Mare Debt Collection, Weston-super-Mare Virtual PBX , Weston-super-Mare Unified Communications As A Service , and many more.

We also provide connectivity solutions such as Weston-super-Mare MPLS and Weston-super-Mare SD-WAN.

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Weston-super-Mare Cloud PBX

Weston-super-Mare Hosted PBX

Text Messaging

Business SMS

Weston-super-Mare SIP Trunking

Weston-super-Mare SIP Trunks

Weston-super-Mare Virtual PBX

Weston-super-Mare Virtual PBX

Call Distribution Service

Auto Attendant

Weston-super-Mare Call Center

Debt Collection

Weston-super-Mare Virtual Numbers

Weston-super-Mare Virtual Numbers

Automated Telephone Surveys

Telephone Surveys

Weston-super-Mare Tollfree Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers

Designed for both local and global needs

Comprehensive global network architecture

AstraQom has a new ultra-modern network covering almost every country in the world. Our dedicated teams work round the clock proudly meeting the needs of our discerning clients. 

  • Serving businesses since 2008.
  • Multilingual Customer Support.
  • 24hr Customer care week days.
  • Top quality global connections.

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