What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is an acronym for software-defined networking in a wide area network.

AstraQom Israel SD-WAN increases network agility and reduces cost for multiple locations around the world. It reinvents the traditional WAN using the power of virtualization and offers a cost effective MPLS alternative.


Improves Performance

Our SD-WAN allows you to prioritize critical network traffic and all your real-time services, By so doing, it offers noticeable network efficiency. Thanks to these reliable high-performance connections, packet loss and latency issues are reduced.

Enables Cloud Usage

SD-WAN from AstraQom Israel improves Cloud application performance, enables direct Cloud access, and eliminates backhauling traffic so employees can work with ease. We make the Cloud even better.

Lowers Complexity

Our SD-WAN services eases the IT management burden by simplifying your network infrastructure. We use broadband to off-load business apps that are not critical to your business or strategy. We also monitor tasks and manage traffic, so your network does not perform poorly

Reduces Costs

Doubtlessly the amount of data that travels over a WAN increases as your company grows and uses more services and applications. By choosing to run on SD-WAN (instead of MPLS) you can greatly reduce this cost by leveraging low-cost local internet access, providing direct Cloud access, and reducing traffic and lowering costs significantly. SD-WAN is the new MPLS solution.

Why Choose AstraQom Israel for SD-WAN?

We are a major Global SD-WAN Services Provider.
Our comprehensive global cloud infrastructure and
our broad partner network are guaranteed to meet
the needs of our discerning clients across Israel
and the rest of the world.

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