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AstraQom Puerto Rico is a licensed telecom operator that is focused on the provision of high quality business telecom solutions for the discerning client. We are committed to serving you with innovative technology backed by affordable pricing and exemplary customer care.

AstraQom appreciates the opportunity to serve businesses in over 100 countries.

With a massive global private network, we cover all continents and serve our clients in excellence.

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Dedicated research and development division providing innovative new features and products to keep our services as a leader among  business telecom services providers around the world.


We are proud supporters of diversity. Our multi-cultural and multi-lingual staff are a proof of this. We have a team as diverse as our clients. AstraQom is an equal opportunity employer.

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We are committed to providing you top class client relationship. Our dedicated team of honest professionals are committed to handling your needs. We are open 24hrs.





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