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Astraqom Guinea-Bissau Wholesale Services

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1000 Innovation Drive, Suite 501, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 3E7. Canada

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wholesale live answering services

Do you want to add a convenient revenue source to your business? Do you want to meet an immediate fast growing need? 

If you have access to businesses, you can very quickly make additional money by getting to sign up for our white label call answering service. Dedicated, professional staff will answer your customer’s calls in their name. We can cover the needs of every sector of industry as long as services are legal. 

Talk to us about your white label live answering needs and our virtual receptions will be able to assist in English, French and Spanish. Start a telephone answering service business today! Talk to us. 


  • Start a white label live answering business
  • Offer services in English, Spanish, French
  • Get clients to move their number
  • Fix your own pricing model
  • Fast and easy set up team
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Interested in discussing your needs more? Contact us today for more info!

Start a live answering service today!

  • Do you have access to a minimum of 20 clients requesting live answering services?

  • If not, can you convince us that you are able to grow the business within 6 weeks and get that number of clients? Reselling will expand your portfolio of services to various businesses will allow you a convenient source of revenue. Our team of experts will be trained according to your client needs.

  • You get the clients, we deliver, you bill them and we bill you. We have no transactions with your clients and everything is protected by contracts. 

  • Do you have your own telephone answering services and looking partner with us and outsource some work to us?

  • We are here and able to deliver a 24hr service to your clients. Talk to us today.


Are you interested in discussing your needs more? Contact us today for more info!
  • We require verifiable proof of company registration
  • We require the signing of the Service Agreement
  • Move at least 20 accounts to us or convince us you can achieve this quickly. 


Yes, we can arrange this. Some find it easier to simply refer. We are ok with this too. Talk to us

Typically it takes a week to get all the paperwork, client info, systems setup and training done. 

The customers are yours, Our Wholesale Service Agreement covers this. If the relationship ends you are free to take your customers with you.