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Astraqom South Sudan Wholesale Services

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AstraQom South Sudan Wholesale VOIP Termination is a reliable, cost-effective, digital solution that allows various carriers, mobile operators, call centers, and international enterprises with high volumes of international outbound calls to easily get access to top-grade routes. 

Through a very user-friendly self-serve portal, customers can configure their accounts, manage traffic, choose the appropriate quality pricing, monitor billing, and manage their own accounts at any time.

We deal in both CLI and nCLI traffic. Through our access to a strong global presence, our customers can terminate any call anywhere in the world through AstraQom’s robust global backbone.

  • South Sudan Direct Routes
  • Global Points of Presence
  • Reliable Quality Delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Multilingual customer support team
  • A-Z Wholesale VOIP Terminations


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  • We offer two qualities with two prices. Our Beta Plan has good routes but we cannot guarantee caller ID delivery. The service is by best effort. Our Alpha Plan however, uses direct routes and CLI delivery is 99.9% guaranteed.
  • All rates are in USD currency We require a minimum
  • prepayment of 150 USD
  • The maximum prepayment allowed at a time is 15000 USD
  • Real-time Reporting Fraud Management


Are you interested in discussing your needs more? Contact us today for more info!
  • We require verifiable proof of company registration
  • We require the signing of the Service Agreement
  • We require a series of interconnection testing
  • We require payments by bank transfer. 


AstraQom South Sudan Wholesale is a reliable supplier of South Sudan Direct Routes for Regular and Call Centre traffic

We do offer South Sudan Call Center termination services. We have two grades of quality for this service.

It typically takes about two business days if the client provides all our requirements listed above.