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Vatican City (Holy See) WHOLESALE SIP TRUNKS

There is a surge in the number of businesses using cloud hosted services in recent times. Some companies prefer to host their own PBX systems using platforms like Asterisk, FreePBX, 3CX, Microsoft Teams and more. The need for reliable Vatican City (Holy See) SIP trunks has grown exponentially. 

With the current growing trend there is a growing need for Vatican City (Holy See) SIP trunks to meet the fast increasing demand as businesses are now transitioning from PSTN/ISDN phone services to the Cloud. AstraQom Vatican City (Holy See) Wholesale SIP Trunking allows you to resell top grade SIP trunks and add your own margins. 

With data centre locations strategically located around the world, we are able to deliver Vatican City (Holy See) SIP trunks where you most need. Our Points of Presence are designed to ensure low latency connections around the world.  Now is an awesome time to start your own Vatican City (Holy See) SIP trunking service in your name. Talk to us today about best Vatican City (Holy See) wholesale SIP trunks. 

  • Enterprise grade SIP trunks
  • Global Points of Presence
  • Reliable Quality Delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Multilingual support
  • Discount pricing based on volume


Interested in discussing your Vatican City (Holy See) Wholesale SIP Trunking needs more? Contact us today for more info!

Enjoy the sweet benefit of reselling top grade SIP trunking for Vatican City (Holy See) in your name. You get option to invoice or ask us to do it for you in your name. You will be owning your clients. We are never mentioned anywhere. Talk to  us today about reselling Canadian SIP trunking services.


Are you interested in discussing your needs more? Contact us today for more info!
  • We require verifiable proof of company registration
  • We require the signing of the Service Agreement
  • We require a series of interconnection testing
  • We require payments by bank transfer, Visa, PayPal. MasterCard, Amex, Discover.


You must have some industry knowledge or sign up for our paid intensive course. 

You do not have to be based in Vatican City (Holy See). We can deploy Vatican City (Holy See) SIP  trunking services around the world. We also provide SIP trunks for other countries. Talk to us today

It typically takes about two business days if the client provides all our requirements listed above.