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General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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You must be a registered business anywhere in the world and be able to provide proof. If your paperwork is not in English we needed certified translations. We need to know how much business you are going to commit to and we proceed to approve, if acceptable.

Most of the time our services require a paid deposit. As part of our partner evaluation process we get the expected consumption of the partner and use it as a guide in setting needed deposits. By keeping the deposits reasonable we make things easy for the partner. You will get access to a portal where you will see the consumption and all unused deposits are refundable when you cancel the service. Refunds will exclude any transfer charges.

We prefer to partner with persons with some amount of technical knowledge. This is not a strict requirement though. We are able to provide training when needed. The training we provide can be customised to meet your unique needs. Talk to us about your needs.

Our AstraQom Canada Wholesale services are only offered in USD.