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Whether it is a lead calling to know more or a supplier that needs to be reached or the news about that major project you have won. We are there to play our part in over one hundred countries. We are diligently bringing people and opportunities together and facilitating success for small businesses as well as multi-nationals and governments. 

AstraQom Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of AstraQom Prime. For fifteen years, AstraQom Canada has been a vital player in the global business telecom sector. Being a part of AstraQom Prime gives us access to datacenters on every continent and very modern infrastructure, we have set a pace for many to try and follow. We are your ideal partner for telephony and data connectivity needs across Canada and in any of the over one hundred countries we serve.  Talk to us today about your Canada business telecom needs. 

AstraQom - Connecting Opportunities

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AstraQom Canada is a licensed telecom operator that is focused on the provision of high quality business telecom solutions for the discerning client. We are committed to serving you with innovative technology backed by affordable pricing and exemplary customer care.

AstraQom appreciates the opportunity to serve businesses in over 100 countries.

With a massive global private network, we cover all continents and serve our clients in excellence.

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AstraQom - Connecting Opportunities

Our Strategy

AstraQom Canada's Corporate Strategy relies on Four Pillars for Success: our corporate mission and responsible business principles, Innovation, Active Capital Management and Championing the welfare of our global team . By consciously pursuing these, we are confident we shall be consistently delivering on our vision to connect opportunities. 



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