AstraQom Canada is your leading partner in deploying top quality IOT (Internet of Things) The Internet of Things integrates everyday “things” with the internet. Things range from temperature , security systems, lights and more. Talk to us today!

Imagine being able to sit behind your desk and review temperature controls in both local and remote locations. Imagine being alerted of changes requiring your attention. Imagine being able to deliver quality food to your clients and cutting losses. Imagine meeting legal requirements and preventing fines and bad press. Astra Qom Canada IOT Solutions for the Food industry can ensure the above with award-winning IOT technology. Talk to us today!

Effortlessly monitor temperatureand automatically create HACCP-compliant temperature logs

Facilitating ERES compliance, our sensors meet CFR21 part 11 requirements. Get real-time alerts for any threats—such as temps rising, doors left open, or abnormal motor activity. Know your inventory is safe from struggling equipment and human error with Wireless Sensors for remote restaurant monitoring

Easily set alerts for the thresholds you care about

With very simple online configurations, AstraQom  allows you to choose the conditions that trigger alerts and which team members should receive them. Have the needed peace of mind knowing we are in charge of the monitoring of your compliance.  Our systems will reach you via  text, email or call. Never be caught off guard by facility emergencies again by switching to AstraQom IOT solutions.

Access a dashboard for each of your devices

Securely view readings from all your sensors online or via mobile app. You can even compare the readings for multiple facilities or multiple areas of the same facility. Basic monitoring and mobile apps are included (Android and iOS)

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