Cloud-based management offering livestock companies a complete view of their herds in real time.

Benefits of IOT in Agriculture

AstraQom Canada provides advanced technology for use in monitoring the well-being of various types of lifestock by collecting and analyzing health and behavioral data and sending alerts when any unusual reports are generated.

By generating, tracking and aggregating data over a period of time, AstraQom Canada IOT Solutions help farmers to make very informed decisions even from afar. We provide the data for long-term decisions about the well-being of their herds.

This innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution helps ranchers minimize operating costs and reduce staffing requirements, reduce animal losses, improve birthing success rates, and increase animal health and safety as a whole.

Smart livestock collars allow ranchers to track
livestock effectively and affordably.

Journey of a Connected Cow

Cow wears a collar with sensors

The sensors tracks cow's health

Reveals if the cow is on heat

Tracks the milk levels

Sickness triggers an alert

Alerts farmer to impregnate cow

Healthier cows produce more!

Alerts your vet

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